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Donald Kempster and William Quiceno Discuss President Obama’s Executive Action With Local Media

Kempster, Corcoran, Quiceno & Lenz-Calvo Partners Donald Kempster and William Quiceno recently spoke to local news media outlets about President Obama’s announcement regarding the executive actions he will take on immigration.  Mr. Quiceno appeared on Telemundo Chicago on November 20, 2014, to discuss the implications of the President’s announcement.  The interview can be accessed here.  Mr. Kempster appeared on Univision Chicago’s nightly news program on November 24, 2014, and answered questions from Univision viewers regarding the criteria for immigration benefits under the President’s recently announced executive actions.  Mr. Kempster’s appearance can be seen here.  In addition, Mr. Kempster will be answering questions from Univision viewers again tonight.

For additional information on qualifying for benefits under the executive action initiatives, please contact our office to speak with an attorney.

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