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Kempster, Keller & Lenz-Calvo, Ltd. is a law practice based in downtown Chicago offering comprehensive professional legal services to corporations, universities, small businesses, non-profit organizations, and religious organizations, as well as individuals. Having worked with clients from around the world and throughout the United States to accomplish their legal goals, Kempster, Keller & Lenz-Calvo is truly Chicago-based with a global reach.

NEW Immigration Law changes
The US Department of Immigration recently made some major changes
to their regulations. These changes are going t0… READ MORE
KKLC wins landmark case
Kempster, Keller & Lenz-Calvo recently celebrated an unprecedented ruling
in the case of Johnson vx. Johnson regarding toxic waste dumping in Lake
Michigan. READ MORE. . .
KKLC launches new dynamic website!
Partners at KKLC are ecstatic about their new website. This news feature is
great. When you import the content, we can control how many words are
displayed here on the homepage. READ MORE. . .

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