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Know your Rights with ICE

President Trump issued three executive orders in January 2017 calling for changes in how the government enforces U.S. immigration laws. All of the orders call for increased enforcement of U.S. immigration laws in different ways.

We may see increased activity or “raids” by Immigration and Customs and Enforcement (“ICE”) officers to carry out the orders.  In light of this, it is extremely important that all non U.S. citizens are aware of their rights under the law.  You can find materials here in several languages that explain your rights in the event that you have any contact with ICE officers.  As always, please contact our office and speak with your attorney if you have any questions.

What are my rights if being arrested by ICE?

  • You have the right to remain silent. You have the right to speak to a lawyer.
  • DO NOT LIE. It can only hurt you in the future.
  • You do NOT have to share any information about where you were born, what your immigration status is, or your criminal record. Ask to speak to a lawyer instead of answering questions.
  • You do NOT have to give them your consular documents or passport unless they have a warrant from a judge.
  • You do not have to sign anything.

What do I do if officers are at my door?

  •  Find out if they are from DHS or ICE.
  • Try to stay calm. Be polite. Don’t lie. Say “I don’t want to talk to you right now.”
  • Politely ask to see a warrant signed by a judge and to slip it under the door. If they don’t have one, decline to let them in.
  • If they are looking for someone else, ask them to leave contact information. You don’t have to tell them where to find the person and you should not lie.

What can I do if ICE is inside my home to make an arrest?

  • Tell them if there are children or other vulnerable residents at home.
  • Ask them to step outside unless they have a warrant signed by a judge.
  • If they came inside without your permission, tell them “I do not consent to you being in my home. Please leave.”
  • If they start to search rooms or items in your home, tell them “I do not consent to your search.”
  • If ICE is arresting you, tell them if you have medical issues or need to arrange for childcare.
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