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The attorneys at Kempster, Corcoran, Quiceno & Lenz-Calvo are prepared to handle your immigration case when your only recourse is to pursue action in federal court. Our skilled federal litigation attorneys have assisted clients successfully in federal court actions, including mandamus delay litigation, challenges of wrongly denied immigration applications, and petitions filed in U.S. Circuit Court contesting decisions issued in immigration court and the Board of Immigration Appeals. We understand that immigration applicants may suffer unreasonable delays and improper decisions within USCIS and the immigration court system. At Kempster, Keller and Lenz-Calvo, we have a successful track record of representing clients in all aspects of federal court litigation, including strategizing litigation, corresponding with government counsel, briefing complex issues for courts, and presenting compelling oral arguments before judges. Our attorneys have represented clients in U.S. District and U.S. Circuit Courts throughout the United States, winning judgments and precedent decisions for clients who have been wronged through denials or inaction within USCIS and immigration court system.

If you are considering action in federal court, it is crucial to have experienced attorneys on your side who know the unique procedures and rules for federal litigation. The attorneys at Kempster, Keller and Lenz-Calvo have that knowledge and a long history of success in federal court. If you would like to discuss your options in federal court, please contact our office to talk with one of our federal litigation attorneys.

Areas of federal litigation that our attorneys routinely handle
  • Mandamus actions for delayed decisions on petitions and applications filed with USCIS
  • Petitions to review applications for naturalization pursuant to INA 336(b)
  • Petitions for Review to U.S. Circuit Courts of Appeals
  • Stays of Removal
  • Petitions challenging USCIS decisions under the Administrative Procedures Act
  • Equal Access to Justice Act fee applications
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